Our Unique Features

The Academic City School

We are a distinguished co-educational institution nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Bangalore and sprint away from the vibrant city of Indore. Our mission is to empower each student, guiding them towards the best possible life. At our school, learners discover a realm of opportunities, enabling them to hone their skills and emerge as well-rounded individuals.

Our campus is easily accessible from all major points of Bengaluru city (and India) and is well-connected by public transport.

Every young learner at TAC School gets to experience a fresh start; and a chance to advance since inclusion is the cornerstone of our educational philosophy. We embrace learners for who they are; and set up a ladder for both academic and personal advancement. Our IPP assists learners in reflecting on their learning at each learning outcome and moving forward via the Yellow, Orange, Green, and Pink bands through a monthly action plan.

In accordance with the NEP 2020 and its vision for higher education, TAC School has laid a special emphasis on career preparation and readiness from an early age. We believe that schools should equip students for their higher undergraduate education, through enhancement of their cognitive ability and higher order thinking skills. As a result, we have envisaged and developed a specialized LEAP (Learn careers in Grades 4 and 5, Explore in Grades 6 to 8, Assess in Grades 9&10, and Prepare in Grades 11&12) programme that is unique in its approach.

We groom students systematically by observing and understanding their ability and passion to take up right careers. Our externship programme for A-Architects, B-Barristers and Business Management, C- CA/CS, D- Doctors & Designers, E- Engineers, F- Foreign Studies, and G - Government/Defense services is designated to advance your child to one of the world's top 100 Universities.

What if 15 years of education are not enough to educate a student for career and life readiness? Academic achievement is crucial, hence to empower them, we offer a parallel curriculum for preparing students for life and work. This covers 160 hours of preparation, beginning with effective communication skills, understanding a problem and persevering in solving it using critical thinking, showcasing innovation and creativity, working well with teams, exercising leadership, managing one's own career & finances, and embracing mindful consumerism.

TAC School instills a sense of street smartness within young minds by connecting the dots between academic theory and its application in the real world. Starting with farming within our own farms and progressing through life science, engineering, design and technology, as well as entrepreneurship, our School of Common Science opens up a world of innovation and creativity.


Clean and spacious boarding spaces
Dedicated Sports
All-round development of students
Outdoor Activities
Emphasizing life readiness
State-of-the-art Laboratories
World-class practical exposure to students
Modern Library
Staying abreast of latest global trends
Swimming Pool
Recreation to complement learning

Our Board Of Directors

Sripall D Jain
Founder And Chairman, The Academic City School
Mahipal Jain
Director, The Academic City School

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