Boarding at TAC School

School Life

At TAC School, we have carefully crafted the on-campus microclimate, to equip learners with aspects that make them better connected with the roots of Indian culture. Through a multitude of on-campus student clubs, students are empowered for street smartness and problem solving; some of the clubs are Joggers Club, Trekking Club, Farm Club, and Makerspace in Design Thinking. Through a multitude of on-campus Student Clubs and Emphasis on Co-Scholastic activities, our learners are empowered to indulge in pursuits such as farming, undertaking nature expeditions, music, arts, and more.

Health And Wellbeing

At TAC School, a fully-functional Infirmary headed by an expert doctor is established on campus to cater to urgent medical requirements of both students and staff members. The Infirmary is equipped with basic medical units to respond at an initial level to medical contingencies. This is functional during the working hours of the School.

Your House
At the TAC School, we refer to our boarding units as Campus Houses. There are separate Houses for both male and female students. These are headed by a Campus House supervisor (warden) who ensures that modern standards of living is maintained at the campus houses whilst also grooming students to lead disciplined lives.
Your Food
Along with crafting learning experiences, we have also carefully crafted culinary experiences for all our staff and students. Food served is completely vegetarian, hygienic, and of the highest standards. We also follow a specialized nutrition regime (developed in collaboration with expert dieticians) to ensure that our learners are thoroughly nourished and can emerge on top of their lives at TAC School.
Your Weekends
Our students typically spend their weekends immersed in activities that connect deep with nature. These include farming, lake restorations, and more. Students also undertake various activities such as expeditions to popular nature parks; and are also immersed in various co- curricular activities.