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At The Academic City School, we recognize that the journey of education is varied and multifaceted. For our younger students, the emphasis is on fostering academic growth, nurturing their involvement in co-scholastic activities, clubs, and events, and cultivating leadership qualities that will serve them throughout life. Our environment encourages them to thrive socially, culturally, and academically, laying a robust foundation.

As students mature, our role evolves with them. While the holistic approach remains steadfast, we seamlessly integrate career orientation, ensuring that as they near graduation, they are well-prepared for the university pathway and beyond. For parents of elder students, rest assured that timing is everything; joining us ensures your child receives guidance precisely when they need it.

In essence, The Academic City School provides a continuum of growth – from formative academic experiences to decisive career guidance. Our commitment is to cater to each phase of your child's educational journey, ensuring they flourish today and are ready for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man
-Swami Vivekananda

Affiliations Accreditation

The School has a proposed partnership with Cambridge Assessment for our Bangalore campus and is an affiliated CBSE partner for both our Bangalore and Mohan Kheda campuses.

Our Campuses

Bangalore campus
Mohan Kheda Campus


“ Enabling Learners from Classes 4 - 12 Find Their Spark ”

At The Academic City School (TAC School), we empower our students to become future ready by instilling in them core values of life coupled with the ability to effectively choose future life paths. We bridge the gap between modern education and traditional societal values by offering a value-based education to enable our learners to succeed in today’s VUCA world. We also coach our learners through co-scholastic activities to mould them into complete professionals. Our pedagogy is a combination of traditional values and modern thinking.

TAC School works with the objective to create a dynamic microclimate in which all students are empowered with ample opportunities to Enhance their capabilities, Identify newer avenues, Inculcate life skills, Maintain tolerance towards various diversities, Develop Care for the environment, and Cultivate curiosity & self discipline - to lead successful and fulfilling lives.
TAC School aspires to be a centre of educational excellence with global reputation, where students are determined to address the needs of the world and prepare themselves with passion to lead in global professions.