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Benefits of Education in a Nutshell

Education is important.  It’s the stepping stone to a highly lucrative career, and it opens up access to opportunities that most of us can only dream of.  In some ways, education is one of the only things we truly own. We make it for ourselves by seeking knowledge, but we can’t carry it with us if we leave knowledge behind. Knowledge belongs to the place where we learned everything we know.

Education is a great thing. It opens your eyes and makes you think about things in a completely different manner. While the benefits of education for kids and students are somewhat known, there are also some very important benefits of education for an adult too.

What are the Benefits of a Good Education? 

If you take a moment to look around at the education system in your country, you will find that not all institutions are built with the same vision in mind. And we don’t mean just about the cost of attending these schools but also about their purpose. 

  1. Personal Development – Education is the surest path to developing your skills, abilities and knowledge. Be it your personal life or professional life, education will help you become a better person or employee. An educated society is more likely to be a productive one where everyone works together rather than competing against each other for limited resources. 
  2. Opportunities – Education opens up a variety of new opportunities that are not otherwise available to the uneducated such as employment or higher status jobs. Education provides the ability to increase earning potential by allowing people to get better jobs. 
  3. Better life – Not only do educated people have an easier time finding employment but they tend to have more money, better housing and enjoy happier family lives than those who are uneducated. It also allows people to be more responsible with their finances because they know the value of money and how it works. They know how to manage their finances well and spend wisely.
  4. Greater Understanding – Education helps us understand the world around us and our place in it better by providing awareness about various topics such as politics, art and culture etc. Education is important because it teaches us how to think critically about things like politics or economics instead of just accepting what others tell us as fact. 
  5. Peaceful Society – Education plays a key role in forming active members of society. It helps us develop a disciplined life and provides us with better-earning opportunities. People who are not educated usually face difficulties throughout their entire life because they cannot find proper job opportunities for them. They are also usually less confident about themselves than their educated counterparts. 
  6. Being a Better Human – Education teaches people how to reason, and if reasoning can be taught to the masses, people would be able to make better decisions regarding their lives and their country. Education also plays a key role in helping people fight discrimination, oppression, and poverty through awareness of the root causes of these problems. It is well known that education is the only solution to fight poverty, injustice, inequality, unemployment, and all other social evils that have plagued our society for hundreds of years now!


Education is important because it makes good people from children. It also helps people to gain knowledge so that they can make good decisions later on in life. This means that when people are educated, they will be able to make better choices for themselves and for those around them. Education is the foundation of a successful life. One of the most important elements in society is education and it goes without saying that education must be free of charge so that everyone can have equal opportunities in life. In our modern world, every country tries to make its citizens fully educated. Education has many benefits and has a positive impact on our life.

Knowing the importance of education, The Academic City can bring changes in their students. We understand all the benefits that come with the right education and help your kids to have a better future. To know more about The Academic City click here. 

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How Choosing The Academic City for Your Child Helps in Their Career Growth

In this fast-paced world, where every day is a competition and you are expected to be smart, hardworking, and committed to your dreams. The most troubling question for every parent is how are they balancing both their commitments towards their aspirations and towards children. 

The question is real and it gets more troubling when we are expected to find the right academic institutions where our children can grow up holistically and get the right exposure to knowledge while we follow our passion! Also, all the schools share a common goal of educating, developing and guiding their students to achieve all career goals- so finding the right institution can be challenging! 

Before selecting or ruling out any institution, it is imperative for parents to know in detail about the course structure, curriculum, and school infrastructure of the school. Moreover, parents need to pursue a school that would help the students blossom into leaders of tomorrow and make an impact on society, which is why parents need to concentrate more on the career advancement and development facilities being offered by the schools. This will naturally lead them to make a decision that would help their child grow up into a happy, socially responsible citizen of the country.

We are familiar with the fact that most parents who want to secure the best institute or career counseling for their child look for the best city, best schools and the best facilities to pursue their interests. They should definitely select the residential school option. You need to do your research and find out how many good schools offering career guidance, career development and career counseling services are administered in that particular city. 

In order to ensure the career growth of their children, parents should make efforts to send them to the school that will help the most in their career growth. This is why it is important for parents to do proper research and find out whether a specific city has renowned schools that can help their children in their chosen careers. With the help of The Academic City, where eminent directors of reputed schools reside, one can be assured of high-quality studies there.

The Academic City 

The Academic City is a fully residential school with all amenities available on campus. It is fully integrated and provides students with opportunities for career advancement. Students can seek career guidance, development, and counseling to help prepare them for the workforce.

We are living in a digital age and the world is changing at a fast-paced rate. We all want to ensure that our children’s future is secured, and for that purpose, we put them in the best schools so that they can develop their skill set and achieve their goals. If we look around, there are many schools that have been established to meet the needs of parents like us. The Academic City is one such place that is known for providing quality education to its students.

There are many reasons why you should choose The Academic City when it comes to your child’s education:

Fully Residential School: Most schools today do not offer hostel facilities for their students. But this is not the case with The Academic City, which has fully integrated facilities for its students to live on campus. This ensures that students are comfortable and safe at all times while studying at school.

Fully Integrated School: The Academic City offers a wide range of subjects including science, math, history and more. They also provide career guidance so that students can pursue their dreams without any hindrances or difficulties along the way.

Career Advancement: There are many opportunities available for students who wish to advance in their careers after completing their studies at The Academic City. Students can pursue their passion without difficult hurdles, they learn to hustle and fight for what they want out of their career and make the best of their education. 

Career Counseling: Another thing that will help your child’s career growth and development is career counseling services. These services are available online and are provided by professionals at The Academic City who will guide you through the entire process of choosing a profession for your child’s future career growth and development. They will also provide guidance on what types of jobs are available in each industry, as well as on how to apply for them.

We all want our children to be successful, have rewarding careers, and earn a comfortable living. Choosing an education institution that is focused on career growth is an important part of this process. But what are the key features to look out for when trying to find the right school? With many schools offering varied approaches, it can be tough to know where to start looking. The Academic City is here to help. We also offer a fully residential campus with dormitories and apartments available for our students who live far from the school or prefer to live on campus. Our goal is to make sure that your child has everything they need to be successful in their future career! To know more about The Academic City click here. 

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Why Should Career Guidance Be Given at a Young Age?

What Is Career Guidance? Career guidance is something many people skip over in their pre-teen years, but it’s something that should definitely be in place. By doing so, not only will your kids be exposed to the environment of an office or cubicle, but they’ll also have someone talking to them about what kind of career they want and how best to achieve it. 

Career guidance may seem like a tough topic to address with your kids, it should not be. Numerous institutions have implemented a career guidance curriculum for students. The curriculum usually teaches about the importance of obtaining a job after graduation and how to become a successful professional. The idea behind career guidance is to help students prepare for their future careers by providing them with practical advice on how to prepare for a job interview, analyzing specific duties of the position, identifying job search opportunities, skills required in the workplace, and how to increase their chances of getting hired, etc.

Why is Career Guidance Important?

In today’s world, there are many career options to choose from as compared to the past. This is because of the availability of better and advanced educational facilities which provide knowledge along with imparting skills for a particular job. Career guidance helps students in choosing careers that suit their interests, aptitude and abilities. It enhances their confidence and empowers them to make decisions regarding the selection of courses after completion of their school education or graduation. Considering this fact, career guidance should be provided to students at a young age i.e., in schools itself so that they can get clarity about what they want to do in life.

Career guidance is a crucial part of helping students to develop in their academic careers. It helps students to decide which subjects they should take up, why they are vital and what is the scope of a particular subject. It also helps in making the right choice of subject in higher studies. Career guidance helps to provide adequate information about different careers and opportunities.

It is necessary that students need a clear understanding of career objectives at an early age so that they can make the right decision for their future.

The importance of career guidance has been clearly proven by many research studies. In fact, it has been shown that students who receive career guidance have a greater likelihood of attaining their goals than those who do not.

One study by the National Center for Education Statistics showed that students who received career guidance before their senior year of high school were more likely to go on to college, get a degree, and be employed at the time of graduation than those who did not.

Objectives of Career Guidance

The importance of career guidance is beyond question. Career guidance offers counselors the opportunity to help students face the challenges of their professional lives with self-confidence and security. The objectives of career guidance are to:

  • One major objective of career guidance is to help students find careers that will fulfill them. Another objective is to help students develop the skills needed to succeed in those careers later in life.
  • Assist students in obtaining the necessary skills and knowledge to develop their careers;
  • Help students consider their own interests, abilities, and goals;
  • Develop a course of action for achieving those goals;
  • Equip counselors with the appropriate tools to assist students in making informed decisions about their future.

To achieve these objectives, it is important that schools provide adequate career guidance services. It is also essential that school counselors receive training in how to use career guidance techniques.


Career guidance needs to be given at an early age because in many cases students may not know what they are best at and this could result in either a short time span for the student to achieve success or it might take him a long time to realize his capabilities instead. In many cases, good career guidance can help a student choose the right roads that would lead him to success. 

The main objective of The Academic City is to teach students and guide them in their career pathway. The students will choose any career after passing out. It is the responsibility of the educational institutions to give better education and provide proper guidance to their students through various career-related activities. so that they can understand the nature and scope of a particular industry/ profession. To know more about The Academic City click here.

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Top 5 Classroom Strategies to Promote Child’s Holistic Development

“Children are born learners who need a supportive environment to bring out their natural talents”- Maria Montessori. 

This statement remains true for every generation and definitely the current situation. As a parent, we can’t just rely on institutions that focus solely on improving the child’s grade instead of creating an environment that works on their overall development and helps in developing leadership skills. That’s where holistic development comes into play!

In holistic development, we focus on developing a student’s mind from all sides. By holistic growth, we mean the physical, intellectual, cognitive, emotional and social development of a student. Those days are gone when a student’s merit was measured based on their intellectual capabilities. Even moving forward in their life, cognitive and emotional development will play a crucial role in the workplace. 

Conventional education institutes rely on the theoretical knowledge that keeps following the same teaching approaches for every student irrespective of their uniqueness, following a unique growth trajectory. However, institutes where the focus is on holistic development and personalised teaching approaches help prepare students for real challenges and shape their leadership qualities. 

But leaders cannot be shaped just like that! Studies show optimal brain development, which is foremost for shaping up future leaders. This kind of shaping happens when students feel emotionally safe, connected, supported and challenged when they get the right environment with the proper support. 

Fostering contemporary leadership skills in students will help them easily lead, craft strategies and also develop other skills such as persuasion, collaboration and problem-solving. Thus, to help students climb higher on the career ladder, we cite five teaching strategies that must be adopted by the institutions looking for holistic development of their students:

Creating a supportive environment to foster a healthy relationship with a student

Every child is unique with their distinctive growth path, therefore, creating multiple pathways to excellence. Problems arise when schools implement a single teaching approach for all students assuming they will adapt and perform well! Moreover, this approach undermines students’ progress. Thus, it becomes pertinent to have a supportive environment where student-teachers will have a healthy relationship and a teacher will also understand the concealed need of the student. 

A holistic approach is required to develop leadership skills in students. With a caring, culturally responsive learning community and building a trusting relationship with students, teachers can maximise their learning capabilities. Students must feel that they can express their opinions and convey their ideas, feelings and concerns to their teachers effortlessly. 

Encouraging students to participate in a diverse curriculum 

Holistic development includes an overall development of a child’s personality that can be achieved.  The best way to develop a student is to encourage them for extracurricular activities. In today’s competitive world, it becomes crucial to involve children in activities outside the classroom as this will help to develop leadership qualities and collaboration skills. 

Encouraging students to get involved in the activities that they feel passionate about also increases their brain functions which eventually leads to good performance in academics. Also, it helps students identify their hidden talents and interests that could become their success factors. 

With extracurricular activities, students are also able to engage with more people and expand their networking which helps in developing their social quotient. Also, these certificates create a great portfolio when looking to pursue higher studies in foreign countries as extracurricular activities are more important to foreign universities because they like to measure students’ potentials beyond their intended study area. 

Identifying students’ talent and exposing them to the right opportunity

In conventional learning, problems arise when students start feeling disengaged and bored. Moreso, since the learning experience is not personalised, students feel non-challenged with any new opportunities. Therefore, identifying the right potential of a student plays a crucial role that also helps in connecting them with the right opportunities. 

Students can identify their inner potential by building existing skills and knowledge. Moreover, encouraging students to get involved in the student-led clubs and helping them with constructive feedback guides them in assessing and improving for future growth. 

Promoting relevant learning experiences

The major reason for poor performance on a specific subject is because students fail to like it. Likeability depends upon how well the topic is elucidated to students and connected with real-life scenarios. Thus, making the learning experience relevant becomes pertinent. 

It becomes necessary for students to relate the concept with something they have seen or experienced. That way they naturally develop a better understanding of the concept. Thus, leading to a huge improvement in academic performance.

Providing global platform

Students also need an advanced platform with enriched programmes like student clubs and immersive learning experiences to compete at a global level. With the help of enduring study techniques, teachers must also help students to perfect their mastery on global competitive platforms. 

Leading the pathway to excellence at The Academic City

At The Academic City, we constantly focus on quality and excellence in every experience provided to the students. Our fully residential integrated international school helps our students in: 

  • Building core academic skills of students through unique learning strategies and techniques.
  • Identifying and propelling towards learning goals in line with chosen career pathways using the academic resources, support networks, global platform and services offered.
  • Practising self-management skills and inner strength to develop leadership skills in their chosen career path. 
  • Unlocking core values through individual guiding principles.  
  • Understanding, adapting and perfecting personalised residential routines. 

With an excellent education framework and pedagogy, The Academic City bridges the gap between residential schools and learning-solution providers. Also, laying the right foundation for students between the 6th and 12th standards is very crucial for their successful future. Our broad network of associations and tie-ups include reliable career guidance and expert coaching institutes that help students thrive in their chosen career paths. For more information, get in touch with us today!

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How Far Can Quality Education Take Your Child

Quality education is not just about passing exams. It is a lifelong process that enables people to develop their personal, social and emotional skills to become successful members of society. Quality education can be the foundation for prosperity and opportunity in the lives of children and their families.

The importance of quality education cannot be overstated in today’s globalized world. In order to succeed, individuals must understand how to work with others from different backgrounds and cultures. Quality education helps children develop the critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills necessary for success in an increasingly complex world.

Quality education is a prerequisite for economic growth and social development. A skilled workforce is necessary for economic growth and job creation. Education has a profound impact on improving health, reducing poverty and increasing productivity. Improving access to quality education will help reduce poverty by increasing incomes.

There are many ways that quality education can improve the lives of children and their parents. 

Development of Skills

The development of various skills is essential for children both in terms of education and real-life applications. School classes are often structured around providing students with opportunities to practice these skills through different kinds of activities. The four main types of skill development include reading, writing, analytical and communication skills. Teachers use different teaching methods to help students cultivate these abilities, which are useful not only in school but also after they leave school. They develop many social skills like communication and teamwork, and also personal skills like critical and creative thinking. 

Acknowledging Diversity

Quality education helps children to understand diversity. They learn that everyone has different abilities and talents. Schools teach children how to respect gender, cultural and religious diversity. In addition, they also realize that everyone lives in the same world without any discrimination. Children learn to celebrate differences rather than making them an issue or cause of conflict. It helps to create an inclusive environment where everyone has equal opportunities and rights.

Quality education can bring positive changes in society and make the world a better place. It is essential to eliminate discrimination and ensure equal opportunities for all children. Quality education is not only about teaching literacy skills, but it is about nurturing social values as well as personal development.

Excellent Job Opportunities

Good schools nurture students who are confident and able to take on challenging tasks with ease. This is because they are equipped with the necessary skills and values needed for success in their career later on in life. Taking things one step further, good schools also provide their students with many opportunities to explore their interests, both within and outside the classroom. As a result, students who graduate from these schools aren’t just equipped with knowledge but they already have experience under their belt as well!

Researchers argue that ‘It’s not just about sending your kid to a good school, but also a lot about selecting the right subjects/streams which can make all the difference in career prospects.


Children are the future and quality education can help a child prepare for the future. A good education should not be about memorizing facts, but about developing skills and broadening horizons.

Education is the main tool for development and makes changes to transform people’s minds and behaviors. In the next generation, there will be a lot of changes. A child who gets a good education will have their own thinking, their own beliefs, and their own minds when they are adults in their future lives because education teaches them how to be strong, how to do things well and how to share with others. 

Our education curriculum at The Academic City has been designed so that the students not only have theoretical knowledge of all the subjects but practical knowledge and exposure as well. In this fast-paced world, practical knowledge is necessary for everything. We believe that the students should be aware of their surroundings, and they should know how to deal with different kinds of situations in the future. The Academic City thrives to provide the children with the best quality education out there to ensure your children will live better if they get a good education at school. To know more about the diverse curriculum of The Academic City, click here!

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5 Desirable School Qualities you Should Look for Before Admitting Your Child

Among the many qualities of a good school, there are some key attributes that parents and guardians should consider. A good school fosters learning and provides a platform to shape students’ future while offering them all the opportunities they will need to succeed both in terms of personal achievements and careers. As parents, we have a desire to help our kids reach their full potential and all you can do as a parent is to look for the right environment where your child can learn with ample growth opportunities.

Here are 4 qualities that parents should look for in schools:

Scope of Exposure

The right school gives your child exposure to several experiences and activities, which are otherwise unavailable at home or outdoors. A good school is one that provides children with opportunities to explore and learn through various methods other than just books and classroom teaching. The exposure given to a child in school plays an important role in shaping their mindsets. If given the right opportunity, a child can grow into an all-rounder. Schools provide various activities like sports, dance, music, art, craft and theatre to children which have been a part of our education system for years now. This helps them to explore their strengths and boosts their confidence. These extracurricular activities also help in the overall development of a child by improving their physical and mental health.

Student Care

A school that takes proper care of its students- emotionally, physically, socially, as well as academically, can have a great impact on their overall development. By providing proper student care, schools can make students feel safe and confident about themselves. A good school also ensures that each student is provided equal attention and care. An able teacher can help in doing so by keeping track of each student’s academic performance and progress. 

Global opportunities

With globalization on the rise, international exposure is crucial for every individual today. Check if your child’s school provides ample global opportunities through cross-cultural student exchange programs and other avenues. The world has become a global village and so has our education system. Schools these days offer programmes that allow students to study overseas at some point during their academic career with globally recognised certifications. This gives students international exposure which helps them gain global perspectives as well as diverse knowledge. 

Quality Education

Education is the foremost thing that you should consider when looking for schools. A good school will always offer quality education to its students and ensure their all-around development. The syllabus followed by the school should be comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of learning and must be updated regularly. The curriculum should also provide scope for students to explore extracurricular activities like sports, art, music, etc. It’s important that your child receives quality education from veteran teachers who have years of experience in their respective subjects. The teaching methodology adopted by the school must be such that it enables students to become confident individuals who are capable enough to face challenges in life with ease.

These are the five essential qualities that your school should have if you want a decent education for your child. Of course, there are several other factors involved when choosing a school, but these five points will give you a good place to start. It’s never too early to start preparing for the future of your child—selecting the right school can make the difference between excellence and mediocrity, between a positive life and a broken one. All of the above-mentioned qualities of a good school are provided by The Academic City to ensure your child gets the best education. To know more about The Academic City click here.