Applicants must be prepared to engage in a thorough application and multi-stage interview process, tailored to the grade level for which they are applying.

  • Academic Performance

    An evaluation of the student's past academic record, focusing on their achievements in core subjects.

  • Entrance Test

    Prospective students will part in an entrance examination assessing key areas such as Science, Mathematics, and English.

  • One-on-One Interaction

    Students will have a personal interaction session with our esteemed faculty or the School Principal to gauge communication abilities and other interpersonal skills.

  • Parent Evaluation

    A discussion with parents to understand their interest in our school and expectations for their child’s education.


Step 1
Submit your application through the link provided by our school representative.

Documents Required

  • Aadhar card of the student and parents

  • Previous year’s final exam mark sheet

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) form

Step 2

Students will be evaluated on science, math, and English, with topics drawn from their two most recent completed grades. For example, an applicant to grade 8 will be tested on grade 6 and 7 materials.

Step 3

During the interview, we focus on assessing the student's basic communication skills, their ability to express thoughts clearly, and their overall understanding.

Step 4

The school will communicate the outcome of the merit-based selection process and provide a timeline for confirmation. Students and parents can then make their final decision. If unsuccessful at first, candidates are permitted a second application, but during the following Academic Year.

Lateral Entry

Our Lateral Entry program for 10th and 12th grades is highly selective, focusing on students with compelling reasons for transfer and exemplary academic records. Admission includes a special evaluation of the applicant's justification for transfer and a recommendation letter from the previous school. Limited spots require a dedicated process facilitated by our school representatives. Click here for Class 11 and 12 Direct Admissions

Dates & Deadlines

Navigate our admissions timeline with ease; prompt adherence to our deadlines is vital for a smooth application process. Our structured schedule underscores our dedication to a seamless and fair admissions experience.

CampusApplication FeeApplication StatusScholarship TestPersonal InteractionApplication Link Available seats for AY 24



Open for AY 25







Closing Soon AY 24












Confused! What to choose after class 10?

It's common for students to face uncertainty when selecting their stream of study post-class 10. With the crossroads of Arts, Science, and Commerce ahead, making an informed decision is crucial. Hence at The Academic City School, we help you with,

  • Psychometric Assessment: Begin with a comprehensive psychometric test to evaluate your aptitude, personality, and interests, guiding you toward a suitable career path.
  • Career Exploration: Shortlist from over 600 potential career paths. Delve into a vast array of options to pinpoint the top ten careers that resonate with your assessment results.
  • Expert Guidance: Consult with our Head of Career Counseling to discuss your psychometric assessment and shortlisted careers, ensuring you embark on a path well-suited to your potential and passions.

Choosing the correct stream influences your future educational and career trajectory. Our Career Counseling Cell is dedicated to assisting you in understanding which entrance exams align with your chosen stream and the preparation needed alongside your 11th and 12th-grade studies.



At Academic City School, we value the diverse talents of our students. Recognizing that excellence comes in many forms, from academic achievement to artistic prowess and athletic skill, we offer scholarships that celebrate holistic development. Every student is required to participate in the Scholarship Aptitude Test, which can yield scholarships ranging from 1-15% based on merit. Additionally, students may apply for one other scholarship that aligns with their unique abilities. While nurturing varied skills, our policy maintains that applicants are limited to two scholarships, ensuring fair and focused acknowledgement of their strengths.

UG Scholarship
Academic Excellence Scholarship based on Scholarship Aptitude Test

Awarded based on standout performance in our entrance exam assessments in Math, Science, and English. This scholarship is designed to recognize those who have demonstrated remarkable intellectual prowess and potential for academic distinction. The evaluation also includes the scholarly achievements of students with a consistent track record of academic success

Scholarship test scores % of Scholarship



91% to 95%


85% to 90%


80% to 85%


Arts and Cultural Scholarship

Honoring students who excel in the arts, this scholarship supports talents in visual, performing, or literary arts. Applicants must submit evidence of participation or achievements in their field. The school's Arts and Culture Department will assess submissions to award scholarships reflective of creative merit.

Sports Achievement Scholarship

Recognizing athletic excellence, this scholarship is for students with notable accomplishments in sports. Evidence of participation and recognition at various competition levels, including inter-school or national events, should accompany applications. Our Sports Department will review these to determine scholarship eligibility.

Community Service Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students with a verified commitment to service, evidenced by certificates from recognized organizations or government entities. Our Community Service Team will evaluate these contributions to identify those who have made impactful social contributions.

Defence Service Scholarship

Dedicated to the children of defence personnel with at least five years of service, this scholarship requires proof of the parent's tenure in the defence sector. Validation of service will be assessed to grant scholarships that honour the family’s dedication.

Innovation in Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Aimed at budding entrepreneurs, this scholarship encourages students who have initiated business ventures, participated in start-up incubators, or won entrepreneurial competitions. Documentation of business plans, participation in fairs, or mentorship programs will be reviewed by our Business and Entrepreneurship Department to award students demonstrating outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and potential.