Why The Academic City



The Academic City, one of the top boarding schools in Bangalore, is a foundational and formative educational hub that provides a caring, nurturing and empowering environment that is intellectually interesting and academically rigorous. The campus is set against a beautiful & verdant landscape that will inspire your child to recognise and surpass their potential and limitations in their own unique way. Founded by a think-tank of visionary industry leaders and educationists from versatile backgrounds, The Academic City is an initiative of The Academic City Eduservices Ltd. to redefine benchmarks in academic excellence. Our signature motto “Paving Pathways to Excellence!”, underpins all endeavours and undertakings at The Academic City.


The Academic City's boarding school life provides students with several opportunities to develop and practise their interpersonal and life skills. Life at our residential school is a wholesome experience and develops a sense of resilience, routine and rigour. It’s a distraction-free space best to master the concepts and succeed in the competition.


Our aim is to cultivate a distinctive heritage of academic achievement via intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth through the pursuit of exceptional teaching and learning. To that aim, we have a prestigious network of affiliations, high-quality amenities & infrastructure like sports arenas, gaming arenas, top-class laboratories, technologically advanced classrooms and many more making The Academic City the best CBSE residential school.


The Academic City's sports and athletics programmes ensure that our students develop a strong respect for the outdoors and learn to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. For indelible mark on their character, energy and soul, we have facilities for many sports like football, basketball, table tennis, swimming, cricket & many more.


We hand-pick leaders and teaching faculty who have demonstrated this via their experience, competence and a desire to help others learn. This growing approach is the ethos that is typical of all The Academic City schools in many respects. Even our middle schoolers have the added benefit of working with Faculty who have substantial experience and knowledge in their fields that make The Academic City fit for the title of a top international school in India.


We are committed to providing the best coaching and tie-ups for the benefit of our middle schoolers and high schoolers alike. We are partnered with associations that coach students in competitive exams like NEET, JEE, NATA-NID-NIFT-(U) CEED to provide them with exclusive learning resources, coaching modules, practice tests and experience with exam preparation. With this advantage, you can get top results and achieve your goals in the field of your choice.