Film Club

We induct our learners into the appreciation of classic and contemporary films and employ a critical analytical framework. The club organises & hosts special screenings, in-house film festivals and non-mainstream cinema for young viewers. Screenings are followed by panel discussions, including whole-group analysis and round-tables for richer engagement.

Robotics Club

Our Robotics Club is an experimental battleground encouraging learners to pit their skills against each other through peer and collaborative learning. The club perfectly encourages builders and programmers to participate in multiple competitions, in-house robotics tournaments and global challenges.

Literary Club

Home to budding poets and aspiring novelists alike, the literary society is where words weave their magic. Poetry recitals, readings, writing marathons, up-skilling workshops and book talks make the literary society an inspiring and happening club to be a part of.

Drama & Theater Circle

Drama & Theater Circle spotlights our learners’ acting prowess. Ensemble work, mime, pantomimes, etc., feature a regular part of our learners’ repertoire. Additionally, our learners work with a range of genres and performance styles, giving them the confidence they need to take the centre stage.

Improv Club

Our Improv Club uplifts learners’ confidence, refines their communication skills and improvises creative problem-solving skills & collaboration skills. At our club, spontaneity guides the creation and development of the plot, characters, dialogue and action in a range of formats.

Stand-up Circle

Our Stand-up circle is for learners who aspire to be witty & wise and love to experiment with a range of comedic genres including observational comedy, anecdotal comedy, monologues, one-liners, showcases, etc. Open-mic nights over the weekend enable our learners to test and perform their material with a live and receptive audience.

A Cappella Choir

A Cappella Choir is for those inclined toward vocal music. From harmonising, making choral arrangements, mimicking instruments and performing voice-only compositions in choral ensembles, our learners get extensive vocal training.

Art & Design Club

Art & Design Club inspires our creative learners to innovate with a variety of mediums, textures and techniques. At any given meeting of the club, our learners can be found working with paper media, sculpting paper-mache models, patterning batik & tie-dye, and exploring brushwork and the colour wheel to name a few.

Eco-sustainability Club

At Emerald International School (Under the aegis of The Academic City Foundation) we encourage our learners to raise much-needed awareness about sustainable practices by embarking on organic farming experiments or creating plant-based alternatives.

Coding Club

The Coding Club is a haven for those with a flair for computational thinking & a curiosity to work with video, animation and gaming projects. It offers an opportunity for learners to collaborate and work with other coders over a shared passion.



Allen Career Institute

Allen Career Institute, leaders in JEE & NEET preparation, has partnered with us to provide our students with exclusive learning resources, coaching modules, practice tests and test preparation experiences. We help students to secure top results and fulfil their aspirations in engineering/medicine.



MODe, an early design school has partnered with us to provide coaching for Architecture and Design entrance exams. MODe's USP lies in its tutoring strategies, hands-on learning approach and small batch sizes. Courses of MODe are designed by alumni at NID, NIFT, IIT, CEPT, and other top universities from across the world.


Career Launch

Career launcher has partnered with us to increase our students’ odds of cracking the CLAT and AILET significantly. Together, we offer our young law aspirants focused and result-oriented coaching programs.



Our partner Deeksha is the pioneer of competitive exam coaching, specialising in helping achieve supremacy and consistency in Commerce Education. Students get access to blended learning material and extensive guidance to pursue Chartered Accountancy, among other allied fields.