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Importance of Creativity and Innovation at School

Children spend most of their time in school and with teachers, so the need to create an environment that encourages and guides children to develop a creative mindset and willingness to try is very vital now more than ever. 

Why creativity is important: 

The more creative a child is, the more confident a child is. The more confident they are, the more outgoing they will be. And when children interact with other children they develop networking skills, people management skills, communications skills, problem-solving skills and whatnot. 

2022 is all about expressing ourselves. That should be taught from a very young age to children. And we are sure that cannot be done in a single day. At The Academic City, the curriculum and teaching methods and the activities that are designed by keeping in mind every child in the room, allow them to nurture and develop the mindset and thought process without making them feel pressured. 

Developing a creative environment also leads to academic success of children by creating a deeper understanding and questioning mindset. When children start to question the why aspect of concepts or things in general, they won’t forget it easily especially subjects like Mathematics and Science

How is The Academic City going to do it?

We at The Academic City are determined to make your child successful by increasing his/her ability to think out of the box. We set up learning activities that allow students to explore their creative capabilities and improve them by questioning how many different ways they can do a task. 

We give the students the creative freedom they want and encourage them to think in a different way all while closely monitoring them and safeguarding them. We introduce them to some of the great works that are done in their respective interest areas to inspire them and set a goal. 

We encourage them with ideas and solutions that they haven’t thought of before without the fear of being judged and encourage them to take risks. Because creativity requires research, risk taking, deeper understanding and willingness to try something new. Students shouldn’t fear failing and that will happen only when they are in an extremely positive and comfortable environment. That is the aim and motto of The Academic City. To create an environment and provide guidance that is best suited for your child and encourage him/her to thrive in their careers and personally.

We give opportunities to showcase their creativity as often as possible by giving weekly or monthly projects. We provide feedback on what can be done better individually and make sure that every child gets equal attention and opportunities. We provide rewards to the best ideas and performances, so that the students are motivated to perform better and develop a competitive and growth spirit from a very young age. 

Because we believe that the discipline and mindset that the children develop from a young age will help them go a long way in their career development. We are determined and excited to be that stage of your child where the foundation is being laid for their better future.

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