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How does a residential school help in the holistic development of your child?

Holistic development in a child is a huge contributing factor to the kind of person they age into. It is a way of life that essentially determines the intellect, physical, mental, social, spiritual, and emotional abilities and well-being of a child. This even determines the child’s capability to overcome challenges and get past the mental and emotional distress that is caused during the journey. Some even describe it as the connectedness of the child’s body, mind, and spirit. All being said, school still remains to be the largest influence in a child’s life and the role of school in a child’s life is primal. We are going to see how a residential school helps in the journey of achieving holistic growth in a child’s life.

When we talk about a holistic way of education, we speak about a way of living more than just education. Since every child’s intellectual and cognitive abilities are different, integrating a holistic approach can be a game-changer. This approach tends to the individual needs and capabilities of each child and provides the best of learning experiences and opportunities. Following are how the residential school helps in the holistic development of your child:

Bracing the child for the real world

Residential schools can be a great opportunity for the child to view the real world conditionally. Living and interacting with peers of their same age group and different backgrounds helps the children to learn young about the differences and similarities in people and helps them get through with their lives with ease. The role of school in socialization is key and especially residential schools as they provide abundant opportunities to socialize.

Inculcating a sense of discipline

Children from residential schools naturally exhibit a heightened sense of social discipline. Their equal involvement in academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities allows them to learn how to manage time and interest in various walks of life. The decorum that is followed in various parts of the school campus helps the child to mentally fixate on the kind of discipline that must be followed in the respective spaces. This allows the child to naturally develop heightened social and personal etiquette and discipline.

Creating cohesive community 

Residential schools are a one-stop place for children to get along with humans of different cultures, beliefs, ethnicities, and identities. They are conditioned to learn about every single individual for who they are and this eventually teaches them to respect and support each other. This allows them to grow as individuals and respectable adults for society.

Encourages overall development

A child’s overall development includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development. The holistic approach in education and living that The Academic City concentrates on helping them grow individually and together in all the above domains of life. This evolves them into confident, kind, empathetic, and sensible individuals.

Encourages to be well-rounded adults

Residential schools give access to umpteen numbers of indoor, outdoor, academic, and other extra-curricular activities which keeps them focused yet relaxed and when this becomes a way of life, they naturally tend to have a personality that is fully developed in all parts of life.

Access to school facilities

Unlimited library & computer lab access, sporting facilities, creative forums, science & canteen facilities allows them to learn, grow, and enjoy at the same time. This also creates a sense of life balance which will help them as future adults.

The role of school in society is critical in bringing them up as responsible and empathetic citizens & hence with a holistic approach of education, the child not only acquires personal growth but also public skills. Visit us on The Academic city to know more