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5 Benefits of a Fully Integrated School

In an effort to provide the same level of standardized facilities for school students, several schools have considered imparting education through fully integrated classrooms. The integration of several activities into an educational setup has been found beneficial mainly due to the reason that it facilitates a holistic, effective and wholesome learning experience that results in better personal development and improved academic results. 

Fully integrated schools provide a very comprehensive learning experience with close supervision by experienced and qualified faculty members. This is done over a relatively smaller number of students to ensure that all students get the right education and guidance at the right time and in the right manner. This helps them develop their talent and skills and mold themselves into responsible and successful members of society. 

Fully integrated schools are the best place for children to grow. It is because they not only give academic education but also help them to become good human beings.

Benefits of Fully Integrated Schools

There are numerous benefits to fully integrated schools. These include:

1. Career Guidance

A fully integrated school ensures that students are given career guidance and counseling at an early age. This is a very important step as it helps the students to choose a career that they are best suited to. Students who get this guidance early on in their academic life tend to excel in their respective careers because they have found something they like to do and more importantly, something that they are good at.

2. Wide Exposure

Students in a fully integrated school get exposure to various subjects and not just subjects related to their field of interest. This helps them in developing various skills at a young age, which becomes very useful for them when they enter the professional world. Moreover, exposure to different subjects develops analytical thinking in students, which is an important tool for success in any field. 

3. Learning and Development

In a fully integrated school, all the learning processes are student-centered and tailored according to their needs as individuals. Hence, students are able to learn as much as possible from every subject and develop a long-term interest in various areas of knowledge including literature, arts and culture etc., which is not possible in other types of schools. 

In order for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) learning to be effective, schools must have the right equipment and infrastructure. Some institutions can afford this. Many others cannot. A fully integrated school is designed from the ground up to provide students with everything they need to develop as STEAM learners. That includes not only classrooms but also workshops and labs where theory meets practice in real-time.

4. Curriculum Approach 

In fully integrated schools, teachers focus on real-life scenarios while teaching a particular topic or subject. This makes learning interesting as well as simple for the students. An integrated curriculum is becoming more popular because it allows students to make connections between subjects, develop critical thinking skills and become more engaged in their education.

5. Education 

Fully integrated schools focus on the whole personality development of their students i.e., they concentrate on both academics as well as non-academic activities. This will ensure that the kid has an overall development and learns the skills that are necessary for them to be successful in life. 

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