1. Academic Scholarship based on the meritorious performance as tabulated herein.
      Scolarship Class 6-9 Class 11 Class 11
      TACEE State Board CBSE/ICSE/IB
      100% >95% >98% >95%
      75% >95% >90%
      50% >90% >90% >85%
      25% >85% >85% >80%

      The % is applicable only on Tution fee (and not on the consolidated fee payable).

    2. Non-meritorious waiver as per the set policies.
      Category Extent Authority
      Security Deposit Upto 100% Counselors
      Admission Fee Upto Rs. 20,000
  1. Students joining in the first year are eligible to avail of the scholarship. But for the subsequent years, it will be based on the previous year’s academic performance and the scholarship policy as per the respective year.
  2. The non-meritorious waiver applies to the first year of admission. For the following years, students can apply for the scholarship as per the then prevailing policy.
  3. The scholarship amount will be adjusted from the Tuition fee payable Term 1/2/3. The other mentioned fees, as applicable, shall be payable.
  4. The Scholarship amount will be adjusted only from the Tuition fee payable Term 1 / 2 / 3. Other fees as applicable shall be payable.
  5. The decision of the management will be final and binding.


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